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inkxpired : TACCIA Ukiyo-e Utamaro usuzumi

Modern Times …

I love experimenting with pen/ink/paper, and have added another layer as part of the hobby. I’m exploring computational art, inspired by the ink drawings I do during ink reviews. Another fun offshoot of the hobby… and all that starting with a few drops of dye-coloured water on paper.

The original inkxperiment tried to capture the treadmill of the workplace, that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

For this computational derivation, I started with applying an urban art filter to the scene. I then added the sparkling sun to the nature scene in the window, which combined well with the urban art filter, creating the illusion of a ray of sunshine falling through the window and illuminating the workplace. I next used a colour filter to create a more somber & industrial-looking colour palette, that fits with the subject of the drawing. I’m really pleased with the end result, which in my opinion enhances the original inkxperiment.

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[Originally published on the Fountain Pen Network, on 07 May 2023]