InkShift – Mont Blanc Lavender Purple to Royal Blue

in search of a blue-violet …

Just for the fun of it, I occasionally resume my project exploring what happens when you move progressively from one ink colour to another. For now, I’m restricting myself to inks from the same manufacturer – mainly to avoid nasty chemical surprises. My hope is that some of these “inkshifts” result in interesting colours that I can use to write/draw with. And besides… it’s just fun to watch one ink colour morph into another one.

Mont Blanc Lavender Purple is a technically ok ink, but has that shade of red-purple that doesn’t really appeal to me. And so I ended up with a bottle that’s been collecting dust in my ink cabinet. Time for a change… I decided to see if I could morph Lavender Purple more toward the blue end of the spectrum, by mixing it with Royal Blue. Maybe there are some interesting combinations in the mix, maybe even a fairly decent violet-blue. Who knows… only one way to find out, and that is to carry out the inkshift experiment.

In the span between the two starting inks more interesting colours appear, that certainly beat the original Lavender Purple (my personal opinion). The 1:1 mix is a blue-purple that looks quite nice. And the mix of 1 part Lavender Purple with 3 parts Royal Blue is my personal favourite: a soft blue-heavy violet that looks really appealing. For me, both of these mixes are a significant improvement to the original Lavender Purple. Another bottle of ink saved from oblivion!

I continue to enjoy these ink morphing experiments. Fun adventures in ink-land, and more often than not you are rewarded with a mix that beats the original inks. Fun guaranteed!

[Originally published on the Fountain Pen Network, on 21 October 2021]